International Section

This is to introduce Mr. Ture Sjolander well-known Swedish artist/film producer, particulary in the experimental field.

Sveriges Radio, the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, has transmitted several of Mr. Sjolander's interesting, advanced feature films.

The following titles: "The Role of Photography", " TIME ", " MONUMENT " and " SPACE IN THE BRAIN ", which include productions of an unusual technical character, have been subject to grants by the Swedish Government and the City of Stockholm.

Mr. Goran Dahlin

Swedish Broadcasting Corporation


Stockholm 1969.



Swedish Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs

This letter is to introduce the Swedish artist, Mr. Ture Sjolander.

His artistic work represent more than one technique from traditional tapestry-work to the visualisation of electronic computing.

He is a pioneer in video-art. Already 1964-65 he created a video-art piece which was entitled :   

" The Role of Photography ".

His work contributed to the development of the video-synthesizer.

Mr. Sjolander has won recognition outside Sweden for his multi-media art work.

In 1980 he was one of the founders of the Video Nu (Video Now VideoCenter), an independent laboratory for artistic terminal development.

Mr. Sjolander has also served as a member of the board of the Swedish Artist's Society (KRO). Sjolander is represented at The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, and the National Museum in Stockholm to mention a few.

He participated in the 5th Bienniale in Paris.

The Swedish Government, the City Council of Stockholm, and the Royal Fund for Swedish Culture have awarded him grants for his work.

Bengt Goransson

Minister of Cultural Affairs






BONN DEUTSCHLAND'S present Intendent.

" Sjolander har under senare år med stor ide rikedom sysslat med project som sammanför många och dyrbara för faringssätt. Eftersom hans uppslag hör till de mest intressanta som framkommit på senare tid vore det tacknämligt om han kunde komma I åtanke. "

Pontus Hulten, Director

Museum of Modern Art Stockholm - Sweden