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Ture Sjolander <magneticego@gmail.com> Sun, Jan 21, 2007 at 4:50 PM
Cc: nyten@bukowskis.se
Sir, Madam,
I know you are all doing great things, even seen from Australia. At the age of 70, this year, I would be pleased to have a place under your wings and I think I deserve it, and so do you.
I would also like to be a member on your website and get news from your activities.
But first of all I would like your expertise to re-valuate my exeptional and unusual lifetime works. Don't wait too long !
Actually, I would like to find a recipient of a donation of my complete website account, I have been working on the last 6 years.
A private person or an institution can take over my extreme and massive work I have done on the Internet and get all the rights and copyrights. It would be a completely new concept in modern time. Bukowskis could auction the whole work in case that I can be the donnor.
Think about it twice, as the proposal is very different to the business Auction Chambers normally are doing.
All the best
Ture Sjolander
You will not find a Portal of my works on the Internet.
Allthough I suggest you to get in to my latest doc.
as an introduction to  part of my history.
But Google may be your best Search.
PS/ Recently one of my ABBA graphics from 1977 was noted on your auctions.

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Sun, Jan 21, 2007 at 4:56 PM
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